Weight of a Curling Bar

Curling bars come in a variety of shapes, sizes and weights. Most people use them at the local gym or health club, but they can also be purchased for use at home. Some curling bars come with weighted plates so you can customize the weight you're lifting.


Olympic Barbell

The Olympic barbell is an iron bar that is between four and seven feet long. It can be loaded with weighted plates, says IronWorkout.com. These barbells weigh 45 pounds, and can be loaded with up to 800 pounds. The weight of the Olympic barbell makes it ideal for exercises that require heavy weight, such as bench presses, dead lifts and squats. There are smaller versions of the Olympic barbell, between four and six feet long, and these are generally used to exercise smaller muscle groups with routines like bicep curls and shoulder presses.

Standard Barbell

The standard barbell is one inch thick and five to six feet long. It is not as bulky as an Olympic bar, which makes it ideal for a home gym setting. The standard barbell weighs between 14 and 20 pounds, and can support anywhere from 200 to 250 pounds, says CapBarbell.com. The standard bar is not recommended for exercises that require heavy lifting.

EZ Curl Bar

The EZ curl bar is used for biceps and triceps exercises. It's much shorter than Olympic or standard barbells, measuring 2.5 feet wide, and has angled grips for various exercises. These bars weigh 20 pounds and can support up to 200 pounds.

Two-Inch Straight Bar

A 2-inch straight bar looks similar to the Olympic bar, but has different dimensions. It is 3.5 feet long and weighs 40 pounds. This bar is much more heavy-duty than an EZ curl bar or standard bar, as it can hold up to 500 pounds. This bar can be used for either heavy or light lifts, making it a versatile piece of fitness equipment.


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