How to Get Water out of the Ears After Swimming

Many people experience the annoying sensation of water trapped in one or both of their ears after swimming. Not only is this experience tremendously irritating, water left in the ears can also lead to painful infections such as swimmer's ear. You can remove the water by tilting your head to the side where you feel the water pressure and tapping the opposite side of your head. If this does not work, there are other other safe ways to remove water from your ears after swimming.


Step 1

Dry the outside of the ear with a clean, dry towel or swab. Take care not to insert any items into your ear canal.

Step 2

Set a hair dryer on its lowest heat and wind speed settings. Hold the dryer at least a foot away from the affected ear and attempt to dry it this way.

Step 3

Prepare a solution of half vinegar and half alcohol -- or purchase an over-the-counter ear-drying solution -- if the hair dryer method does not work.

Step 4

Place a few drops -- recommends about 1 tsp. -- of the solution in the affected ear or ears. If using a store-bought solution, follow the directions on the package for dosing and use.

Step 5

Turn your head so the solution runs thoroughly into your ear canal, then turn your head back to the opposite side to let it run back out.


Items you will need

  • Over-the-counter ear drying solution, or vinegar and alcohol
  • Dry towel
  • Hair dryer
  • Dropper


  • If you have a recurring problem with water trapped in your ears after swimming, consider using a swim cap or ear plugs.


  • If you have ear drum damage, avoid putting vinegar into your ear canal as it can be very painful.
  • Swimming in non-chlorinated areas can increase your chances of an ear infection.
  • If you have any ear pain, loss of hearing, dizziness or loss of balance after having water in your ears, contact your physician immediately.

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