The Top 10 Quiet Upright Exercise Bikes

Upright stationary bikes are popular because they are similar to bikes on the road. You can stand up on an upright bike because the seat is positioned over the pedals, allowing you to sprint for intense periods during your workout. Some bikes can be pretty noisy, though. For a smooth, quiet ride, look for an upright with magnetic resistance.


Stamina 5325

The Stamina 5325 features quiet magnetic resistance with eight resistance levels to choose from. It is inexpensive for a bike with magnetic resistance and features heart-rate monitor sensors in the hand grips. There are six workout programs and the seat adjusts easily to match your leg length. It costs around $200.

Stamina Pro 15-5300 Silent Magnetic Resistance Upright Bike

The Stamina Pro 15-5300 Silent Magnetic Resistance Upright Bike is another affordable option from Stamina that also costs around $200. It also has eight resistance levels, six programs and heart-rate sensors. The wheels roll so you can easily move the bike out of the way when you're not using it.

Proform GL105 Exercise Bike

The Proform GL105 Exercise Bike is highly rated, which is not always true for Proform bikes. It has heart rate sensors in the handles and the handlebars are adjustable like a steering wheel so you can place them wherever is most comfortable. The price is comparable to the Stamina models. It costs around $280.

The Phoenix 99605

The Phoenix 99605 is the best quiet upright cycle for someone who is really on a budget since the price is only $125. It offers quiet magnetic resistance and heart rate monitor sensors. The readout is very basic, but considering the price it is more than adequate.

Reebok RT 245 Bike

The Reebok RT 245 Bike features a silent magnetic resistance system. This cycle is best for someone wanting higher quality for frequent use and more features. You get eight workouts, heart rate sensors, a fan and iFit technology that lets you download more workouts from the internet.

York C750

The York C750 may not be as well-known as bikes from manufactures like Proform and Schwinn, but the C750 has a lot of attractive features. It has a quiet magnetic resistance system with 16 resistance levels, 15 exercise programs, adjustable handlebars, heart-rate sensors and a gel seat for more comfort.

NordicTrack SL 705 Upright Bike

The NordicTrack is a mid-range stationary cycle with a silent magnetic resistance system. It features eight workout programs and is iFit compatible. It also has a fan to keep you from getting overheated.

Life Fitness C3 Basic Upright

Life Fitness C3 Basic Upright is a high-end bike with 20 levels of resistance. It is quiet, sturdy and has conveniences like a reading rack, water bottle holder and accessory tray. It also works with a chest strap for constant heart rate monitoring without holding onto the sensors. The price for this bike is around $1,500.

Schwinn 112 Upright

The Schwinn 112 Upright has 16 levels of magnetic resistance. There are seven workouts, adjustable handlebars, heart-rate sensors and an extra padded seat.

Smooth UB5 Upright Bike

The Smooth UB5 Upright Bike offers 20 levels of quiet resistance along with foot straps for easier pedaling and a water bottle bolder. It has 12 programs, five of which work with the heart rate sensors. This is a good buy for someone looking for a club-quality bike, though you'll pay upwards of $1,500.


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