Stretches for the Adductor Magnus

The adductor magnus is the large inner leg muscle on each side of your groin. To understand where the muscle is, think about the motion of pulling your second leg into your car. The muscle flexing on your inner thigh is adductor magnus. Without flexibility in this muscle, you will lack range of motion in the legs and experience pain in the hips, thighs and knees. Stretching the adductor magnus will keep it loose and healthy.


Adductor Magnus Description describes the muscle as large and triangle-shaped. The muscle begins inside your groin, attaches to your pubis bone, and ends along your inner thigh, where it attaches to your femur bone. The Master Muscle List website states that the muscle's three functions are to pull the leg toward the body's midline, to rotate the leg and to extend the hip. Because of these multiple functions, the adductor magnus is used almost every time you move your legs.

Bent-Over Stretch

To do this adductor magnus stretch, stand next to a chair, lift one leg until your foot rests on the chair and the lifted leg's knee is bent to about 90 degrees. Slowly reach between your legs toward the floor. You will feel stretching of the adductor magnus in the raised leg. Do not bounce while in the stretch. For a light stretch, hold this position for 15 seconds. For a deep stretch, hold it for up to one minute, deepening your reach toward the floor as the muscle stretches. Repeat this stretch with your other leg.

Splayed Legs Stretch

Sit on the floor with your feet as far apart as possible and your legs straight. Sit up straight with your shoulders back. For some people, simply sitting in this position provides a deep stretch for the adductor magnus of both legs. If you do not feel stretching in your groin in this position, slowly lean forward from your waist, keeping your back straight until you feel a light groin stretch. Hold this position for 15 seconds for a light stretch and up to one minute for a deep stretch. Hold yourself steady and do not bounce while in the stretch.

Bound Ankle Pose

The Bound Ankle Pose is a yoga pose that focuses on stretching the groin muscles, including the adductor magnus. Sit on the floor and bend your knees up to near your chin, so that your heels are near your buttocks. Let your knees slowly drop to the outside, right knee to the right side and left knee to the left side, until you feel a light stretch on each side of your groin. Some people will experience the stretch when their knees are a foot or so above the ground while others may only feel a stretch when their knees reach the ground. If you've lowered your knees all the way to the ground and you do not feel a stretch, slowly lean forward from your waist, keeping your back straight, until you feel a pleasant groin stretch. Hold whatever position achieves an adductor magnus stretch for 15 seconds for a light stretch and up to one minute for a deep stretch.


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