How to Get Smaller Legs

You can't burn fat just from your legs; however, you can burn fat all over, including your legs. You can do this through cardiovascular exercise, strength training and a healthy diet. Healthy lifestyle choices will not only make your legs smaller, they will reduce your risk for developing chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and stroke and may add years to your life. Consult with your physician before starting an exercise program.


Step 1

Perform moderate-intensity cardiovascular exercise to burn calories and fat. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, "to lose weight or maintain weight loss, 60 to 90 minutes of physical activity five days a week may be necessary." Choose an exercise that you enjoy, so you'll stick with it. Exercises can include running, biking, swimming or speed walking, to name a few.

Step 2

Choose a weight-training program that targets your legs. Exercises that focus on the muscles of the legs will allow you to tone and burn fat more quickly. Squats, hamstring curls and lunges are good exercises to get your legs in shape. Do two to three sets, of 10 to 12 repetitions of each exercise, three days a week. Allow at least one day of rest between workouts.

Step 3

Reduce your caloric intake by 500 calories a day. Consume fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats such as chicken and fish and whole grains. Stay away from unhealthy foods, such as cookies, candy and chips. These foods contain a lot of fat and empty calories.


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