Punching Bag Workouts

Since being recognized as an Olympic sport in the 2012 games, women's boxing is enjoying a surge in popularity. Punching bag workouts are vital for boxers of any gender, but they are particularly useful for women who want an effective workout for building strength and losing weight. Hitting the speed bag can improve your quickness, accuracy and concentration, while building strength, power and endurance.


Speed Bag

The speed bag is one of the top tools that a boxer uses to prepare for her sport. The speed bag requires hand speed, quickness, great reactions and the ability to execute a plan. Focus on hitting the bag in a circular manner with your left jab. Hit the bag as you bring your left hand down, then circle the bag by bringing your hand up and then coming down with it again in a repeatable pattern. As you get the rhythm down, introduce your right hand in the same kind of circular pattern. Your goal will be to hit the speed bag for three minutes -- the same length as a round in boxing.

Heavy Bag Workout

Using a heavy bag is a true test of endurance and will help you build power in your punches. As you get more involved in boxing, you quickly learn that throwing effective punches is not just something you do with your hands and arms. Your whole body has to be involved in the process, and this is where a heavy bag comes in. When you throw a right cross, your shoulder needs to act as the fulcrum, transferring the energy in your legs, hips and rib cage as you deliver the blow. A left hook also is thrown with the core muscles and your entire left side. This can be exhausting, but it will teach you to throw rocking punches that can devastate your opponent. A heavy bag is the perfect tool for developing these techniques.

Floor-to-Ceiling Bag

The floor-to-ceiling bag is a somewhat advanced training tool that beginners may find difficult to use. A circular punching bag is placed on a large band that is stretched from a hook on the ceiling to a secured pin on the floor. When you hit the bag, it will rebound in any different direction and is not predictable like a speed bag. As a result, you need sharp reactions to hit the bag with each ensuing punch. Position yourself so you can hit the bag with a string of powerful and effective punches.


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