How to Lose Weight at the Gym

The options are almost endless when trying to lose weight at the gym. Take advantage of the equipment offered because cardio and strength machines will definitely transform your body. Meeting with a personal trainer or nutritionist at the gym is also an excellent way to learn how to exercise correctly as well as eat the right foods. The gym is a great environment to be in--especially when trying to lose weight.


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Use the cardio equipment and strength machines to gain muscle and burn fat. Cardio equipment is great for getting deep into those fat stores. Equipment like treadmills, elliptical, arc trainers, stair steppers, or exercise bikes can burn fat for energy during your workout. Using these items for 20 to 60 minutes, three to five times a week, will help you lose weight, according to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Strength machines help build muscle, and muscles burn calories all day long--even when you leave the gym for the day. The ACSM recommends two to three days of strength training per week.

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Join an aerobics class or take part in a program that interests you. There is a plethora of classes to choose from. If you love to dance, join a ZUMBA class. ZUMBA is 60 minutes of fun-filled dance moves that give you an excellent cardio workout. Kickboxing, indoor cycling, water aerobics, step aerobics, or even pole dancing classes are just a few options offered at some gyms. Call your local gym and see what it has that may interest you.

Step 3

Sign up for personal training sessions. A personal trainer will design a workout program just for you to help achieve the results you desire. Whether you meet with a trainer once a week or five times a week, it's always nice to have fresh ideas put into your routine. Having a trainer is also a great way to be held accountable. You may be more likely to work out if you have someone waiting for you to show up and encouraging you..

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Use the pool to add variety to your workout and take stress off your joints. Walk, run, or swim in the pool to create water resistance against your body and burn more calories. Some gyms offer exercise classes in the pool where you can learn new exercises to add to your routine. The pool allows you to exercise without pressure on your joints or lower back.

Step 5

See if your gym has a nutritionist or can recommend one. Dietitians and nutritionists plan food and nutrition programs, supervise meal preparation, and oversee the serving of meals. They can also prevent and treat illnesses by promoting healthy eating habits and recommending dietary modifications. Adding healthy eating to your exercise routine can increase your weight loss and your energy.



  • Get a workout partner. You can motivate each other to go to the gym, keep each other company in a class full of strangers, or provide some healthy competition to push each other a little further.

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