Kickboxing Workouts

Try kickboxing for an intense, total-body workout. While kickboxing burns an average of 500 calories an hour, a more intense workout can torch up to 810 calories, according to "Fitness" magazine. This physically demanding exercise targets the arms, shoulder, abs, thighs and butt by imitating boxing moves, such as kicks and punches. Kickboxing workouts will also melt away your stress.



To throw a jab, place the foot of the side you are punching on in front and rotate that hip forward as you quickly extend your arm straight out at an imaginary opponent's nose. As you extend your right arm, twist your forearm so the bottom of your fist faces the floor. To do a cross punch, put the foot opposite your punching hand forward. As your punching arm crosses your body, twist your back foot, knee and hip to the front for more power.

For a hook, start with the foot of your punching side forward and pivot on the ball of that foot as you turn the knee inward. As your knee turns, your hip, shoulder and arm follow. Keep your arm completely level and imagine that you are aiming for your opponents ear or cheek.

For an uppercut, start with the opposite foot forward as you drop your punching arm. Thrust your punching side hip forward as you bring the right fist straight upward with a slightly forward motion to avoid punching your chin.


To do a front kick, bring your kicking leg's knee up toward your chest with your foot flexed and knee bent so the heel is near your glutes. Extend the leg straight out and aim so that your heel would hit your opponent in the knee, groin or chest.

A roundhouse kick requires standing on one foot while you bring the heel of the other toward your glutes. Lean toward your non-kicking side as you turn your hips away from your raised foot. Extend from your knee and kick forward with your toes pointed.

To do a side kick, raise your kicking leg as if you were doing a leg lift with your outer thigh facing the ceiling. When your leg reaches hip height, extend it with your foot flexed.

10-Minute Fat-Burning Routine

For the first two minutes, spend 30 seconds doing right jabs, 30 seconds doing right crosses, 30 seconds doing right hooks and 30 seconds doing right uppercuts. Do the same on the left for the next two minutes.

Then spend 30 seconds doing front kicks on the right and 30 seconds doing front kicks on the left. Next do right roundhouse kicks for 30 seconds and left roundhouse kicks for 30 seconds. Spend the next minute doing side kicks, kicking with the left for 30 seconds and the right for 30 seconds.

Do a combination of left jab, right uppercut and left front kick for the next 30 seconds. Repeat the routine on the opposite side with a right jab, left uppercut and right front kick for the next 30 seconds.

Next do a combination of left jab, right cross and a left roundhouse for 30 seconds. Repeat on the opposite sides with a right jab, left cross and right roundhouse for 30 seconds.

Spend the last minute cooling down by marching in place.

If you do this routine twice, you will burn 170 calories.

Burn 175 Calories in 15 Minutes

Do alternating left and right roundhouse kicks for the first minute. For minute two do a right jab followed by a left cross for 10 reps. Then do five push-ups and switch to 10 left jabs and right crosses. For minutes three and four, alternate between running in place for five seconds and doing four high knees. Spend minute five doing front kicks alternating between the left and right. For minute six, repeat the combination from minute two. Spend the seventh and eighth minutes doing the routine from the third and fourth minutes. Hold onto a chair and do side kicks to the left during minute nine. For minute 10, alternate between five push-ups and five seconds of mountain climbers. Hold onto a chair and do side kicks to the right for the eleventh minute. Repeat the routine from minutes three and four during minutes 12 and 13. For the 14th minute, do crunches or a V-sit to work the abs. Spend the 15th minute cooling down by lying on your back.


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