What Will Happen If You Never Exercise?

Exercise provides a wealth of benefits including improved physical appearance, greater energy, better mental health and reduced risk of life threatening disease. If you never exercise, you miss all of these benefits. Without exercise, you look less attractive and might die sooner and negatively impact your spouse and family members.



Exercising on a regular basis keeps you young. It keeps your bones, joints and heart younger by keeping them busy. Without regular exercise your bones will weaken and you're more likely to gain weight. Staying in shape improves your ability to do tasks of daily living such as driving, doing housework and running errands. If you don't exercise, you will lose your mobility sooner and might end up in a nursing home at a younger age.


According to the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, research proves that exercise reduces depression and anxiety. Exercise also gives you more energy, better sleep and a stronger sex drive. If you never exercise, you will feel more sad and anxious and your overall quality of life will suffer. Your lack of exercise can leave you feeling fatigued faster and you might be less interested in sex. People who exercise sleep more deeply, leaving them more refreshed and excited about life.


People who never exercise are at a much greater risk for disease. Exercising regularaly protects you from heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, joint problems, mental illness, obesity, diabetes and even cancer. If you never exercise, you are more likely to suffer from chronic disease, pay higher medical bills and die younger.


Lack of exercise causes family problems. Romance with your spouse will suffer from your lack of energy and sex drive. You will not have as much energy to play with your children and grand children. Medical bills will cause financial stress and anxiety. Depressed and anxious feelings will make you feel less connected to others and therefore less socially active. Your children will not see you as a role model if you are depressed and unattractive.


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