How Do I Freeze Egg Beaters?

Because they contain no fat and cholesterol, Egg Beaters have become a popular choice for people who enjoy using eggs in their cooking and baking but want to eat a more healthful diet. Because Egg Beaters and other egg-replacement products are pasteurized, you can also use them in recipes that do not require cooking them, reports. You can freeze all Egg Beaters products, but only if the container has not been opened, the company advises. If it's more convenient, you can also buy frozen Egg Beaters.


Step 1

Place the unopened carton of Egg Beaters in your freezer. Do not freeze the container if it has been opened, even if you did not use any of the contents, the company warns.

Step 2

Allow the Egg Beaters to freeze completely before using them.

Step 3

Remove the Egg Beaters and allow them to thaw completely before using them for cooking and baking. Once the container begins to thaw, do not refreeze it.



  • Egg Beaters will keep for 90 days in an unopened container, but once opened they should be used within seven days, the company advises.
  • Using the following conversions to use Egg Beaters in your recipes: one whole egg is equal to a quarter-cup of Egg Beaters, while four whole eggs is equal to a cup of Egg Beaters. For recipes that call for only egg whites, use 2 tbsp. of Egg Beaters to substitute for each egg white.

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