Exercise Videos for Beginners

by Barbara Aubrey

If you are contemplating beginning an exercise program, purchasing a video is a good place to start. Many options are available for beginners. Before you buy, consider the type of exercise you would like to do, your fitness level now and your future goals.


Consider Your Needs

Exercise takes commitment and energy. One of the best reasons to make that commitment is the fact that you are doing something for yourself. It is your "me" time, If you are a beginner, consider the amount of time you have to dedicate to your program. Your specific exercise goals are important as well. Are you looking to lose weight, improve stamina, build muscle, lower cholesterol and blood sugar, or all of the above? Is there a certain exercise you simply detest? Do you excel at a sport or are you a great dancer? Before you begin shopping for your video, write down your answers to some of these questions. Your answers will make the video selection process simpler and your money well spent.

Gather Referrals

Do not believe everything you read. If an exercise video promises to deliver extraordinary results, it is probably too good to be true. The jargon on the video packaging can be confusing and misleading. Also, if a video says it is appropriate for all ages and fitness levels, it may mean that it is more aggressive than is best for a beginner. A good way to gather recommendations about the best exercise videos for beginners is to ask your friends, neighbors, colleagues and acquaintances for their opinion. Remember, everyone who exercises was a beginner at one time. Gather, then research their suggestions. Check your local library and borrow some beginner videos to try at home. This budget-friendly option allows you to screen instructors and types of workouts.

Health Organization Videos

If improving your health or managing a chronic health condition is one of your exercise goals, consider exploring some of the health organization video offerings. For instance, if you have arthritis or another bone, muscle or joint disease, the Arthritis Foundation offers exercise videos on their website. If you have a special medical need or if you are pregnant, exercise organization specific videos are age and condition appropriate and good for beginners. Ask your health care provider or physical therapist for additional suggestions as well.

Exercise Video Websites

Numerous websites, such as Collage Video, offer a number of options for beginners. Collage allows you to choose your goals, preferred exercise type, brand and instructor. Based on your input, they make suggestions of videos that meet your parameters. They also advise if the workout uses equipment and they offer videos that target special health concerns such as low back pain. Many of the videos can be screened so you get an idea of the actual footage. Workout On Demand offers you the option of saving money by downloading or streaming your exercise video. This is a great option if you have a mobile device and need on demand workout time.


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