How to Drink Protein Shakes for Breakfast

Protein drinks may be beneficial in many ways. Some people use them to lose or gain weight, while others use them to increase their consumption of protein or other nutrients. Although it may be difficult to get into the habit of drinking a protein shake for breakfast at first, a few key strategies may make the process easier. Always talk to a doctor before making significant changes to your diet, including substituting a protein shake for other breakfast foods.


Step 1

Explore your options. Whey protein is common, but powders that contain egg protein or soy protein are also available for people who cannot tolerate whey. While it’s important to make sure the brand of protein powder you select contains the nutrients you need, also consider which flavors and consistency would be most enjoyable for you to drink.

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Consider the costs. If you are going to continue to drink the protein drinks for breakfast for a long period of time, you will want it to be affordable.

Step 3

Make the ingredients for the protein shake easily accessible. Consider measuring out individual servings of the fruit, powder or milk you would like to use so it’s easier to just dump all of the ingredients in the blender in the morning. Since you may be groggy when you first wake up, preparing what you can the night before may help you save time and frustration.

Step 4

Prepare the protein shake as desired. This is a matter of personal preference and the specific techniques may vary, depending on your motivation for drinking protein shakes for breakfast. For example, those who are trying to lose weight may only use water to mix with their shake powder, while those looking to gain weight or muscle mass may use milk.

Step 5

Make modifications to your recipe as needed. You may be more likely to stick with this new habit if the protein shake is tasty, so keep making tweaks until you find a shake you truly enjoy.



  • If you are using the protein drink as a replacement for regular breakfast foods, keep away from the breakfast foods that may tempt you. This may be difficult if you have family or roommates who eat these foods, but eliminating foods that are likely to tempt you may help you stick to your plan to drink a protein shake for breakfast.


  • Consuming some protein drinks too often may have negative effects on your health. A 2010 investigation by "Consumer Reports" magazine discovered that some protein drinks contain harmful contaminants, including arsenic, cadmium, mercury and lead. Always do research before deciding which brand of protein drink to select. Talk to your doctor if you have any specific concerns about the safety of your protein drink.

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