Why Can't I Motivate Myself to Lose Weight?

A refrain often heard from overweight people is “why can’t I motivate myself to lose weight?” The question does not have one particular answer as the reasons vary from person to person. There are, however, some common reasons for your lack of motivation. Identify the causes in your specific case so you can find a solution and start dropping those pounds.


Past Failures

You might find it difficult to begin dieting and exercising due to your past failed experiences. If you have started weight loss programs only to revert back to unhealthy habits within days, weeks or months, the idea of trying again can be disheartening. Resolve to start fresh if you have this concern and regard past attempts as trial runs.

Commitment Phobia

Weight loss requires a commitment to healthy eating and exercise that can be overwhelming to busy people. If you have a million things going on, the notion of committing to significant lifestyle changes might discourage you. Drop this reason for lack of motivation by deciding to approach your weight loss with baby steps. For instance, you can begin by saying “no” to second helpings and walking for 15 minutes.

Resistance to Pressure

When you are overweight, you are not the only one concerned. Friends and family worry over your health and, therefore, often put pressure on you to drop the extra pounds. Though their intentions are sincere, their methods may discourage you. Their exhortations may have the opposite effect on you that is desired. You will rebel against the pressure. A way to overcome this problem is to discuss it openly with your loved ones. Teach them how to encourage you without pressuring by pointing out what comments bother you and which ones are helpful.

No Set Plan

You might lack motivation because you have no set plan as to how to accomplish your weight loss goals. This is a fairly simple fix if this is one of your concerns. There are many programs that work for many dieters. Talk to your personal physician to obtain guidance and information regarding a healthy plan for you.

Amount of Weight

Some very overweight individuals lack motivation to begin losing pounds due to the number on the scale. When you have a great deal of weight to lose, you may feel the task to be too large to accomplish. Overcome this anxiety by breaking your weight loss goals down into small increments. For example, work toward losing 10 lbs. at a time.


Susan Powter, a motivational speaker, believes people spend a great deal of time just waiting for motivation to come to them. This feeling, according to Powter, is never going to come. Rather than deplore your lack of motivation, she claims you need to get moving and eat low-fat foods to fuel you. Doing it, rather than feeling it, is what counts.


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