How to Burn Fat Off the Arms

If you’ve started to notice a bit of jiggle on your arms, it may be time to reevaluate your diet and exercise routine. Sculpted, shapely arms can make you look better and feel sexier in tank tops. It can take a bit of work to get there, but with healthy eating habits, a regular cardiovascular routine and arm-specific strength-training exercises, you can transform your arms from flab to fab.


Step 1

Transform your diet. Eating a healthy, sensible diet can make slim arms much more attainable. Even if you are working out on a regular basis, eating foods that quickly get stored as fat -- such as added sugars, white flour, white rice, processed foods, saturated fats and trans fats -- will negate your exercise efforts. Build meals around healthy whole grains, lean meats, fruits and vegetables, which will provide the vitamins, minerals and fiber to boost your metabolism and energy levels throughout the day.

Step 2

Exercise on a treadmill, stationary bike or rowing machine. Though you are primarily focused on your arms, cardiovascular exercise will help you to burn fat throughout your entire body. Fitness magazine ranked a stationary-bike workout at the top of its 10 best calorie-burning exercises list for its ability to burn a whopping 425 calories in just 30 minutes. Jumping rope, running and rowing also received high marks; each works your arms as well as your legs.

Step 3

Curl your arms thin. Biceps curls will help to tone and define the biceps, which is the muscle on the front of your upper arms. Stand in a shoulder-width stance with your toes pointing forward. Hold a 5-, 8- or 10-pound dumbbell in each hand, depending on your strength level. Turn your hands so you palms face forward. Keep your elbows close to your torso, and then curl your right hand in toward your shoulder. Lower it back down in a controlled manner. Repeat on the other side for one full round. Complete three sets of 10 repetitions each.

Step 4

Perform dips for strong triceps and to balance your arm strength. Sit on the edge of a chair. Position your hands with your fingers forward on the edge of the seat on either side of your legs. Scoot your buttocks forward off the seat, and then bend your elbows back and slowly lower your buttocks toward the floor. Your feet should be flat on the floor. When your upper arms are parallel to the floor, push off on your palms to raise your body back up to starting position, but keep your buttocks in the air rather than placing it back on the chair. Lower down again for one repetition. Complete a set of eight reps.


Items you will need

  • Treadmill
  • Stationary bike
  • Rowing machine
  • Dumbbells
  • Chair


  • Consult your doctor before beginning any new diet or exercise regimen.

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