How to Wrap Your Index Finger With Athletic Tape

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Whether you’re a serious athlete or a newbie to exercise, falling on your hands or a direct blow to your fingers during your activities can result in a finger sprain. This means that the ligaments in one or more of your fingers -- including your index finger – are torn or stretched. Taping your finger if it’s injured or weak, can provide support and allows you to return to your physical activity quicker.

Step 1

Clean your index finger along with the adjacent healthy finger with soap and water prior to taping.

Step 2

Position one piece of athletic tape on your healthy adjacent finger. Place the tape on the outer edge of your finger and position it so it is just below your proximal interphalangeal joint -- or PIP joint. This is the joint located in the middle of your finger.

Step 3

Run the tape underneath your two fingers until you have created a full loop around your fingers.

Step 4

Make one more loop around your PIP joint with athletic tape. Tape over the existing tape for added support.

Step 5

Apply another loop of tape just above your PIP joint. Make an additional loop around this taping for added support.

Items you will need

  • 1/2 inch athletic tape


  • Always have finger injuries examined by a physician to rule out fractures.

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