Nutrition of Guacamole

by Allan Robinson

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If you've enjoyed nachos or tacos, you've likely topped them with guacamole. This dip translates as “avocado sauce” in Spanish and is primarily made of avocado pulp blended into a thick green paste. Guacamole may contain other ingredients such as lime juice, tomatoes and spices.

Serving Information

The typical serving size for guacamole is 1 fluid-ounce, according to FitDay. This serving suggestion is for a typical recipe that does not contain added fats or excess salt. Adding lime, juice, tomatoes and spices will not affect the nutritionally content of guacamole significantly.


Guacamole contains approximately 46 calories per serving. Fat accounts for 39 calories, protein provides 2 calories and carbohydrates account for the remaining 5 calories. Hence, a typical serving of guacamole provides you with 2.3 percent of the daily value for calories, assuming a daily diet of 2,000 calories.


The avocados in guacamole gives it a higher fat content than other vegetable dips, however much of this is unsaturated, which is a healthier type of fat. A serving of guacamole contains 4.3 grams of fat, consisting of 3.6 grams of unsaturated fat and 0.7 grams of saturated fat. This is equal to 7 percent of the daily value for total fat and 3 percent of the daily value for saturated fat. The good news is that guacamole has no cholesterol.

Protein and Carbohydrates

A serving of guacamole provides 0.6 grams of protein, which is 1 percent of the daily value for protein. It also has 2.1 grams of carbohydrates in each serving, including 1.4 grams of dietary fiber. This provides 1 percent of the daily value for total carbohydrates and 6 percent of the daily value for fiber.

Vitamins and Minerals

Guacamole has 44 milligrams of sodium in each serving, which is 2 percent of the daily value for sodium. It also has 170 milligrams of potassium, or 5 percent of the daily value for potassium. Guacamole contains 4 percent of the daily value for vitamin B-6, vitamin C, folate and copper. Additional nutrients in a serving of guacamole include vitamin A, niacin and magnesium.

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