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Having a healthy diet is something that should not be taken lightly. According to the Weight Control Information Network, one third of adults in the United State are obese, while 17 percent of children 6 to 19 are overweight. Eating healthy and participating in physical activity on a daily basis are important lifestyle behaviors that can keep you at a healthy weight and keep chronic disease at bay.

Prevention of Chronic Illnesses

Having an unhealthy diet and being overweight can contribute to many different illnesses. Some of them include heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure. These illnesses can lead to long term health problems, disabilities, complications and even death. While genetics play a part in a person’s chances for getting some of these illnesses, being overweight and eating unhealthy increases one’s risk. Eat healthy to help prevent these chronic problems.

It Costs Less

It may seem more costly to eat healthy, but having an unhealthy diet can lead to more health-care costs in the future. According to the Weight Control Information Network, persons who are obese end up paying 42 percent more in health-care costs than their counterparts who are not obese. Lower health-care costs are better for you as an individual and society.

It Feels Better

Overeating can lead to high blood sugar levels, which can affect your energy levels. When you eat healthy meals and snacks throughout the day, your blood sugar stays stable, which can keep your energy up and make you feel better throughout the day. In addition, a healthy body and mind often leads to higher self-esteem, which is better for your overall mood and sense of self.

It's Inspirational

When you begin to eat healthy, if you live with a partner, have children or have co-workers, they will see that your patterns are changing. Use changing your habits as an opportunity to affect their habits. Find support in the people that are closest to you. Eat healthy with the people that you interact with the most. Their health will benefit as well.

It Can Be Fun

Eating healthy doesn't have to be a chore. Get creative and change old recipes to make them healthy. Switch old snacks with new ones. Create new patterns for yourself and add colorful fruits and vegetables to your diet. While eating healthy can be a challenge, make it fun and delicious for you and your family.

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