How to Gain Weight Naturally for Women

Most women don't go out of their way to gain weight. If you're underweight, however, you may incur health risks, or endanger a potential or existing pregnancy. In a study published in the Journal "Obesity," researchers reported that underweight people were 70 percent more likely to die an early death than people of normal weight. If you suspect you're seriously underweight, you may need to take steps toward healthy weight gain.

Step 1

Choose foods rich in nutrients. The United Kingdom's National Health Service advises a weight gain diet consisting of whole grain breads, pastas, cereals, lean meats and low fat dairy. If you feel unable to eat large meals, eat smaller meals more frequently in order to increase your calories without feeling uncomfortable.

Step 2

Incorporate highly caloric snacks. These will help you add calories without making you feel stuffed Go for healthy foods that pack a high caloric wallop in a reasonable serving size, such as peanut butter, cheeses, avocado and whole grain granola. Having a snack before bed is also an effective way to enhance your weight gain.

Step 3

Try strength training exercise.. Muscle gain adds "bulk" to your body and may increase your appetite. Because muscle tissue is dense, you'll put on weight as you build strength. In addition, your muscle gain will lead to a physically fit appearance rather than a flabby one.

Step 4

Avoid empty beverages. Drinking sodas can fill you up without providing necessary nutrients. Opt instead for fruit smoothies, fresh or frozen juice, or dairy drinks. Avoid drinking any filling beverage too close to a meal, though, or it might spoil your appetite. Since caffeine is an appetite suppressant, you may want to reduce your coffee and tea intake.


  • Skip the junk food. Empty, non-nutritive calories are really no better for a weight gain regimen than they are a weight loss regimen. Your weight gain goals don't give you license to eat unhealthily.


  • If you notice a sudden decrease in your weight, consult your doctor. There may be an underlying health issue that needs to be addressed.

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