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Exercise for Sexy Curves

by Susan Diranian

About Susan Diranian

Susan Diranian is a writer for various online publications and magazines, specializing in relationships, health, fashion, beauty and fitness. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in nonfiction writing and editing.


In order to achieve sexy curves, it helps to be at a healthy weight and have a strong physique. For important health benefits, such as weight management, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention encourages adults to participate in at least 150 minutes of moderately-intensive aerobic exercise a week. A healthy, well-balanced diet and strength training workouts may help you achieve sexy curves as well.

Sexy Overall

In order to show off sexy curves, like your toned legs, butt or stomach, it is important to get rid of excess body fat. Unfortunately, it's not possible to pick and choose where to lose weight. It is possible, however, to lose excess body fat overall. Spend 30 minutes a day focusing on gut-busting cardio workouts such as cardio kickboxing, running, swimming, jumping rope or swing dancing. To prevent boredom, as well as a weight-loss plateau, switch your cardio routine every other week or so to keep your body guessing and the pounds falling off.

Sexy Arms

Fight upper arm flab and tone up arm and shoulder muscles with strength-training exercises. Use dumbbells to perform triceps extensions or kickbacks. Use your own body weight and perform pushups, planks or pullups. Work your upper body muscles as well as your arms with yoga moves such as the downward dog pose. Use exercise machines like the exercise bench to perform barbell presses or preacher curls. Exercises that use resistance bands help strengthen biceps and triceps muscles.

Sexy Legs

Strong legs do more than just look good in a pair of shorts or a skirt; they also help take the weight and strain off other parts of your body, including your lower back. For a full lower-body workout, try doing lunges or squats, making sure not to push your knees past your toes. Increase the intensity by performing the workout using only one leg. Use a stability ball to perform hamstring curls. Incorporate yoga moves such as downward dog or warrior pose. Mix up leg exercises so that you work each muscle group.

Sexy Core

After a run on the treadmill or a swim in the pool, tighten your core muscles by incorporating various yoga poses and strength-training exercises. Lie down and lift your body up into a front or side plank position. Do crunches or situps. Grab a medicine ball and perform seated trunk rotations. Stretch your muscles and cool down with cat-cow, cobra or downward dog yoga poses. Focus on exercises that strengthen your upper and lower back, like hip bridges, as well.

Other Considerations

There are plenty of exercises to choose from in order to achieve sexy curves. The Mayo Clinic recommends creating a balanced workout plan that focuses on all major muscle groups. The organization also recommends scheduling a set time in your weekly routine for exercise. Set realistic goals and work hard to achieve those goals. Start slowly, take frequent breaks and drink plenty of water. It is also important to incorporate a day of rest in between heavy workout sessions.

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