What Are the Benefits of Wheat Pasta?

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Wheat pasta can offer you many health benefits, as long as it's whole wheat or whole grain product. Whole grains are complex carbohydrates that provide the human body with essential nutrients. Refined, white pasta has been stripped of these nutrients and can, instead, promote weight gain, high blood sugar and heart disease.

Heart Health

Research concludes that the consumption of whole grain products like wheat pasta can lower your cholesterol levels, provide you with healthier carotid arteries and reduce your blood pressure, according to the Whole Grains Council website. Following a diet that provides you with at least three servings of whole grains per day can reduce your risk of heart attack or stroke by 30 to 36 percent and reduce your risk of heart disease by 25 to 28 percent, states the Whole Grains Council website.


The consumption of whole-grain foods, such as wheat pasta, is proven to lower blood glucose levels and decrease insulin secretion in both normal and diabetic subjects. The Whole Grains Council website states that eating three servings a day of whole grains can reduce your risk of acquiring type 2 diabetes by 21 to 30 percent.


Regular consumption of whole grain foods can reduce your risk of developing certain cancers. Whole grains demonstrate protective properties against colorectal, gastric and other digestive system cancers as well as pancreatic and some types of hormonal cancers. A study of whole grain breads and pastas was conducted in Italy between 1983 and 1986. The results of this study support the claim that whole grains can reduce the risk of cancer. In addition, whole grain products are high in vitamin E, a known cancer inhibitor that can prevent the development of carcinogens within the body.

Additional Benefits

The Whole Grains Council website also states that the regular consumption of whole grain products can reduce your risk of developing asthma, inflammatory diseases, gum disease and tooth loss. In addition, whole grains can be an effective part of a weight management diet.

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