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Rice bran oil is an oil extracted from the inside of a rice granule. It is commonly used as a cooking supplement, particularly for stir frying in Asian cuisine. Rice bran oil is a healthy cooking oil because it derives from a vegetable, containing primarily unsaturated fats. Its use in cooking is in large part due to the high smoking temperature that characterizes the oil—rice bran oil has to hit nearly 500 degrees Fahrenheit before it begins to smoke. There are also several health benefits to consuming this oil.

Lower Your Cholesterol

Rice bran oil contains a type of vitamin E known as tocotrienol rich fraction—TRF. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant found naturally in a number of different foods. While the concentrated form is more potent and effective, taking rice bran oil can still lead to improved cholesterol levels in your body. In fact, taking concentrated TRF can be dangerous over long periods of time, since vitamin E can accumulate in the body and lead to body toxicity, but rice bran oil provides these nutrients to your body in low doses that are not likely to overwhelm your body with vitamin E.

Toxin-Cleansing Benefits

Rice bran oil can help cleanse the body of toxic substances in several ways. According to, its vitamin E content help combat free radicals that may develop in the body—antioxidants neutralize and eliminate free radicals from the body, according to Rice University. Additionally, the fats in rice bran oil are healthy and do not provide unnatural chemicals into the body. Saturated fats and hydrogenated oils are not found in rice bran oil, which can be used as a cooking supplement in place of other cookings oils. The healthy, antioxidant benefits of rice bran oil can help promote heart and cardiovascular health.

Cancer Prevention

According to, prolonged use of rice bran oil can lead to a reduced risk of some forms of cancer. This is due to the TRF content of the oil. The defense against free radicals and other toxins can contribute to this tendency. Despite the preliminary research suggesting this benefit, additional research could shed more light on how rice bran oil could be employed to defend against cancerous growths.

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