Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer

by Brian Connolly

Personal trainers are fitness professionals who create a safe, encouraging environment to help clients meet weight loss and fitness goals. According to the Weight-Control Information Network, certified personal trainers can help instruct you in the various warm-ups, exercises, tools and machines used in aerobic and strength training workouts. Personal trainers can sometimes be hired to visit your home or work as needed.

Long-Term Benefits

One study cited in the "Journal of Sports Science and Medicine" demonstrated a 57 percent increase in long-term fitness for individuals who worked with a personal trainer. The study attributed this boost to improved attitudes among exercisers who wanted to continue their workout programs beyond the 10-week testing period. By creating a comprehensive workout plan that suits your fitness and bodily needs, a personal trainer can help you make exercise a long-term addition to your lifestyle.

Injury Prevention

A common reason for hiring a certified personal trainer is risk prevention. Your personal trainer watches over you as you exercise and ensures that your form, posture and equilibrium remain safe and correct. Women can get sprains, strains and stress injuries if they are not in condition and do not use the right form when exercising, according to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases. By hiring a personal trainer, you greatly reduce the chance of injuring yourself while you exercise.

Encouragement and Motivation

It might be easy to trick yourself out of exercising for the day, but a personal trainer is more difficult to persuade. Learning your personal psychological motivators is a key part of a personal trainer’s job. A personal trainer should provide the right amount of encouragement when you need it the most. Your trainer should motivate you to complete your daily exercise and push you to complete that last lap or repetition.

Setting Goals

Before hiring a personal trainer, figure out the specific fitness and weight loss results you would like to see from your workout. The first task for you and your personal trainer is to outline a workout plan ranging from one to six months that describes specific workouts, exercises, sets and repetitions. Doing that is useful for exercisers who know what they want but are not sure how to get there. Hiring a personal trainer allows you to access the trainer's knowledge and experience to help create a series of practical steps and workouts for you to complete.

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