Benefits of Ceylon Tea

by Michelle Wright

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In the mid-nineties, Ceylon tea was rated by the European Tea Technical Committee as the cleanest of the teas due to its lack of pesticide residues. Exciting implications are surfacing from scientific research surrounding the health-related benefits of tea. Tea is a favorite subject of research scientists these days and for good reason, with its nutrient composition reading like a who's who of super-substances. Consult your medical adviser before beginning a tea regimen if you are taking medications.

Cough Expectorant

The unrivaled amount of eucalyptol in Ceylon tea may act as a natural cough expectorant to individuals suffering from a temporary cough caused by the flu or common cold. In a report by Kevin L. Goodner, Ph.D., and Daniel J. Wampler, who compared teas according to their geographical locations, the biggest difference of the Ceylon tea is the significantly higher amount of eucalyptol it contains in comparison to other teas.


Claims of caffeine found in tea and coffee causing dehydration have been exaggerated, according to public health nutritionist Dr. Carrie Ruxton of Kings College London, in Great Britain. A study, cited in a November 2006 article in Britain's "The Times," was conducted during a climbing expedition on Mt.Everest. The results showed that the climbers who drank tea received the same fluid benefits as those drinking a placebo. Drink a cup of Ceylon tea to enjoy a flavorful beverage and keep the body well-hydrated.

Fight Fungus

The most tender buds and young leaves of the camellia sinensis plant are cultivated for the prized Ceylon white tea, which is also the least processed of all the teas. White tea surpasses green tea in its antibacterial and antiviral qualities, according to an article in the May 28, 2004 edition of "Science Daily." Furthermore, studies of white tea showed dramatic results in its ability to completely destroy penicillium spores and saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast cells.


Exchange that high-sodium soft drink for a cup of white tea for double the benefit of fighting fat and enhancing your health. Scientists from the department of Research & Development, Special Skincare, in Hamburg, Germany, described white tea as "an ideal natural source to induce anti-obesity effects," based on the results of a 2009 study they conducted. They found that extracts of white tea had a stimulating effect on lipolysis-activity, contributing to processing fat instead of storing it in the body.

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