How to Avoid a Snap Hook in Golf

by Joshua McCarron

A snap hook, also known as a duck hook, occurs when your shot curves sharply to the left if you are right-handed or to the right if you’re a lefty. A snap hook can get you into big trouble, as it usually stays low and has overspin, which causes the ball to roll. Improper body position that results in your clubface being closed at impact is the primary cause of a snap hook. A few swing adjustments will help you avoid a snap hook and keep the ball in the fairway.

Step 1

Widen your stance as you set up to hit the ball. Move your back foot two to three inches back away from your target. This lowers your back shoulder and your center of gravity to help keep your clubface open longer.

Step 2

Slide your hands down the shaft of your club before you swing. Hold the club near the bottom of the grip, and bend your knees so your butt is closer to the ground. If you don’t stay low, you’ll miss the ball entirely.

Step 3

Follow through with your club pointed at your target, rather than off to the side. Swing the club with a more up-and-down motion, instead of around like a baseball swing. Face the palm of your bottom hand toward the target at impact to help accomplish the proper swing path.

Step 4

Position a golf tee between the heel of your bottom hand near the base of your thumb and the thumb knuckle of your top hand when you grip your club. Try to keep the tee in place throughout the swing. Practice at the range until it stays in place with each swing.


  • Try one method at a time to avoid overcompensating and creating a slice. Stick with the fix that’s most comfortable with your natural swing.


  • Stop practicing the new swing technique immediately if you experience any pain. The American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine notes that amateur golfers can easily suffer wrist, elbow and lower back injuries.

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